This month at Parkhead Gardens I’m waiting on a delivery of 14 clematis plants from Taylors Clematis Nursery.

I will keep some in the greenhouse as they will be planted along side my climbing roses on the new fence in the side garden. The other clematis will go in various spots in the garden as soon as possible.

We will have variety of clematis this year, all flowering at various times:

  • the early Alpine clematis, a large flower variety for May/June & September

Clematis Alpina - Parkhead Gardens Perthshire Scotland

  • the Florida variety which come in around June & September as they require full sun but always have such spectacular flowers

Clematis Florida - Parkhead Gardens Perthshire Scotland

  • the season ends with the small flowers of the Viticella’s, great to have growing  through shrubs and trees that have already had their flowers, and also the Texensis varieties, they have trumpet shaped blooms, nodding and upright and are mainly reds and pinks.

Clematis Viticella - Parkhead Gardens Perthshire Scotland

Things to remember with clematis is to plant deep and get the pruning correct. I always put the group number on my labels to remind me.

There are 3 main groups:

  1. requires no pruning
  2. prune light
  3. prune hard

If the weather continues to be so mild we will be getting on with the weeding and clearing up after the winter.